The story

In 2015, Aurélia Bire decided to develop a creation of her own.

The Interior Landscapes series took shape, with the iconic Flower & Blossom. The underlying message was that everyone is unique.

Presented for the first time at Design Days Dubai in 2016, Blossom was selected as highlight of the fair by AD magazine.

In 2017, Aurélia created Via Aurélia studio to continue designing thoughtful pieces, and further explore the relations between art, design and interior.

In 2019, Aurélia is laureate of the first edition of the FD100 by VIA (Association for the Valorization of Innovation in Furniture), supported by Philippe Starck. Revealed at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the French Design 100 is a list regrouping 100 designers of objects and spaces whose creations promote French design on an international level.

Interior Landscape


Via Aurélia

Maison de Création
Designs furniture, objects and spaces

As pieces of contemplation, objects engage a dialogue with their owner and context.
Spaces are treated as interior landscapes. Harmony is pursued between the site, the customer and the Art Collection, when there is one. To do so, art pieces, furniture and interior details are interconnected with corresponding shapes, materials, and colors.

Exploring the relationships between art, design and interiors, borders between usual categories are blurred, and the classical ways things are done, are reinvented.

With A-Lab the intend is to make the connection between design and entrepreneurship.

One-off pieces & collections

Unique interiors

Residential, corporate and hospitality

Art & Interiors

Private styling, art collection staging,
Interior as art : “Invite an artist to your place”


Business ventures and collaborations
Around esthetics & well-being



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The Author

An artist, designer, entrepreneur,
She is a Boston Consulting Group, Paris, alumna. After a Foundation year at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, she graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. As president of JCT Haute Couture Interiors, she has been keeping with Maison Jansen’s traditions.

Since 2015, she has been designing personal pieces. Her designs, which are inspired by nature and landscapes, deal with universal themes, as well as simple gestures.

Aurélia lives in Paris with her family.
The mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome, she is concerned with language-related issues and with differences. An advocate of the values of uniqueness, simplicity and humanity, she supports the emergence of an inclusive society.